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This is a coffee-break Roguelike developed in C#. Grab whatever you can find lying on the floor to fight through increasing waves of shambling dungeon dwellers. See the video. Gameplay video at youku.

Entered into the ARRP2013 Annual Roguelike Release Party with a planned release under the name of AncientBlade.

Released v0.5 for the 2012 Annual Roguelike Release Party on RogueBasin

Please leave your comments and suggestions. Maybe your idea can make the next release.

Non-programmers: budding artists, writers and sound technicians are welcome. Please see the documentation for how non-programmers can take part. Non-programmers

New developers to the project read this: Coding Guidelines and assign yourself a task Tracker

The c# tutorial for v0.1 is here More articles,tutorials and developer tips: domscode

Dom's original code review from his article "A Real Code Review in C#" version can be found in tags v0-2-0 in the source code.

See us on: roguebasin | Latest Release: Release
Help Wanted: Join

Happy coding and adventuring
Dom, asads2012, LogicalInsanity, mrcardor and the rest of the RRRSRoguelike Team

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