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New Features for 0.5 ideas?

Topics: Features, Gameplay, Releases
Aug 29, 2012 at 2:15 PM

0.4 is out there.  Any suggestions on what to include for 0.5 ?  Were pretty much up to the spec of the original game design document now with an odd fireball tossed in for good measure.

A couple of ideas:

Independent movement. ie. each monster moves and fights individually.  Could be attacked several times per round if surrounded. Would also allow for shield(see below)

One three strike shield per level.  The shield takes three hits, propelling the monster back and monetaril stunning them (optional).  Only used as defence

wind, ice and earth.  winds blows back monsters, ice freezes them, earth places a block(monsters would need to move around the block)

Flesh out the story and descriptions.  Improve the look of the game.  Use console background for coloured squares.