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Welcome message

You awake in dark, dank surroundings.
Your head hurts and you can feel a lump.
As you try to stand, light blazes behind your eyes and your vision swims.
You retch.
You can hear noises in the darkness.
Something is in here with you.
You see the hilt of a rusty, ancient sword on the ground some distance away.
You'd better arm yourself and face the noises in the darkness.

Victory message

Monster wins. || Player kills monster and wins.

Bruised, bleeding and broken, the last thing you see is the gaping maw of a hideous monster as it descends towards your face.

As you reach the final stairwell, a blast of fresh air greets you.
The light hurts your eyes but you are free, you have survived.
Your elation soon turns to anger as you look back at the dark hole in the ground.
Someone, somewhere brought you to this place.
You stride with purpose toward the horizon and vow to find the truth.


Special thanks to everyone.

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