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In-game story messages

Feel free to edit this page and add your ideas.

1. Why am I in the dungeon?
- you can't remember because you were drugged and clubbed on the head.

2. Why do I need to take the stairs?
- The level is flooding. (fairly easy to implement)
- The spikes in the ceiling are dropping (hard to visualize)
- The walls are closing in. (needs a new dungeon level screen that implements the movign walls)
- I'm running out of food. (maybe the easiest and most often used.)
- more monsters keep coming. (currently they are no danger once you have a sword.)
- My prize is waiting. (Hmmm?)
Different on each level, combinations?

3. Why do I need to kill the monsters?
- because they willl kill you
- you don't, you just need to escape (could give peace points for monsters left alive.)

4. What is the lore of the world?
- high fantasy swords and spells

5. Who am I?
- a bloke with a sore head

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